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Aerial view of The Middletown Home during one of their many events held throughout the year

About Us

The Middletown Home

Our Vision

A campus of wellness, rehabilitation, and lifelong learning.

Residents, volunteers, and staff posing for a picture on the campus of The Middletown Home during their annual Pumpkin Fest

Serving with heart,
leading with purpose.

At the core of The Middletown Home is the philosophy of servant leadership. Being a leader is not a position but a calling to serve others. Each member of our team channels their passion and expertise into creating a nurturing environment where residents are not just cared for, but genuinely uplifted.


It's a commitment that goes beyond job titles — it's our vocation, to make a positive difference in every single life we touch.

Beyond qualifications, 
bound by compassion.

Throughout every inch of our campus, our staff is not only highly qualified in their respective fields but is bound by a shared dedication to care.


Our team members bring expertise, warmth, and a genuine passion for what they do, creating a community where compassion is not just a value but a way of life. 

One of The Middletown Home's staff members smiling with one of the residents outside the assisted living courtyard
Several residents from The Middletown Home on a day trip to cruise the Susquehanna on the Pride of Susquehanna

Redefining possibility,
living life beyond limits.

Imagine a life without limitations, where every day unfolds with possibilities waiting to be explored. This is the essence of living at The Middletown Home.


We are dedicated to creating a campus that encourages residents to embrace each moment, pursue their passions, and redefine what's possible in their lives.


From engaging activities to personalized care, we strive to make every aspect of life on our campus a living testament to the limitless potential that exists when staff, caretakers, and volunteers truly lead with a servant's heart.

Anchored in faith, 
standing for the flag.

At The Middletown Home, we honor and cherish both spirituality and patriotism as integral aspects of our vibrant community. Our campus is a haven where residents find solace and spiritual fulfillment, building a community through relationships with purpose. 


In addition to providing spiritual support, we celebrate patriotism with pride, recognizing the rich tapestry of backgrounds and experiences that make our community unique. Embracing these values, we create a warm and inclusive environment that nurtures the soul and cultivates a deep appreciation for both spiritual and patriotic endeavors.

A young man from the US Army smiling with a resident from The Middletown Home in one of their many courtyards
Image of Tulips Blooming at The Middletown Home in Middletown, PA with their resident van parked out front

Let us welcome you for a campus tour!

We invite you to experience our vibrant community firsthand with a tour. Our staff and residents are always happy to meet new people from the community and make new friendships and connections.

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