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A beautifully decorated assisted living apartment inside The Middletown Home where our resident is able to age in place

Assisted Living

The Middletown Home

One of our veteran residents in our campus van smiling and eating chocolate ice cream

Guided by heart -
driven by compassion.

At our residence, personal care extends seamlessly into the heart of our residents' living spaces. With an unwavering commitment to servant leadership and a dedication to unparalleled quality of care, our staff ensures that each resident's needs are met with utmost attention and compassion. The personalization of care is not just a service but a philosophy embedded in our approach. From assisting with medication needs to tailoring specialized dietary plans, our team is attuned to the unique requirements of each resident.


At every step, we strive to create an environment where residents not only receive exceptional care but also feel cherished and supported. Our love for our residents is reflected in the personalized, attentive service that defines our approach to personal care within the comfort of their own apartments or rooms.

Join us for a
Home Virtual Tour

Image of Tulips Blooming at The Middletown Home in Middletown, PA with their resident van parked out front

Let us welcome you for a campus tour!

We invite you to experience our vibrant community firsthand with a tour. Our staff and residents are always happy to meet new people from the community and make new friendships and connections.

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