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Aerial view of The Middletown Home and Penn State Harrisburg

Student Living

The Middletown Home

Seniors and students
are better together.

Beyond the traditional college setting, our intergenerational living approach offers a unique opportunity for mutual growth and understanding. Seniors bring a wealth of wisdom, life experiences, and a perspective shaped by different eras, fostering an environment where knowledge is exchanged seamlessly. College students, in turn, contribute vibrancy, energy, and a fresh outlook on contemporary life.


The synergy between these two generations creates a supportive community, fostering a sense of connection and belonging. Engaging in shared activities, conversations, and collaborative learning experiences leads to meaningful connections, bridging the gap between generations and creating an atmosphere where both seniors and students thrive, learning from each other in a symbiotic relationship that goes beyond the confines of traditional academic settings. 

A college student from Penn State Harrisburg wearing red clown noses and smiling with one of our residents
Image of Tulips Blooming at The Middletown Home in Middletown, PA with their resident van parked out front

Let us welcome you for a campus tour!

We invite you to experience our vibrant community firsthand with a tour. Our staff and residents are always happy to meet new people from the community and make new friendships and connections.

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