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Aerial View of The Middletown Home


As a non-profit 501(c)(3), The Middletown Home is dependent upon your generosity to further our charitable mission to the community providing care and services for our dear residents who have exhausted their financial resources.

Our CEO, Lou, dancing out front with one of our residents

Our vision for The Middletown Home is to continue to create a vibrant community where residents live a life without limitations and our caregivers and associates are so fully engaged in their service to others, that they are fulfilled personally, professionally, and spiritually.

I welcome you to join with family, friends and neighbors in your faithful support of The Middletown Home.


Chief Executive Officer

Your financial support is instrumental in nurturing a thriving and compassionate community. You gift can:

  • Support our pet therapy program ($100)

  • Provide a campus wide cultural entertainment program ($250)

  • Offer tuition assistance for residents furthering their education at Penn State ($500)

  • Help a resident remain in personal care when their financial resources are exhausted ($1,000)

One of our residents enjoying the outside air with a large flower pinwheel in her hands
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