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Meet Beth, a Heartfelt Contributor at The Middletown Home

Beth resided at The Middletown Home from 2019-2020.

Bath smiling outside The Middletown Home with our resident golden retriever, Blanche

Meet Penn State Student Beth

Meet Beth, an extraordinary college student and resident at the Middletown Home, proudly bridging her academic pursuits with meaningful contributions to our community. A junior Biology major at Penn State, Beth aspires to become a Geriatrics Doctor, embodying a passion for healthcare and senior well-being. Beyond her academic achievements, Beth wears multiple hats, serving as the Vice President of the Health and Science Club, a dedicated teaching assistant for chemistry students, and a participant in the esteemed Penn State Bridge Program, where she is partnered with a mentor in Medical School.

Life at The Middletown Home

During her stay at the Middletown Home, Beth's enthusiasm for creating connections has extended to our Facility Dogs. Recently certified as a Primary Handler for Blanche, our Facility Dog, Beth orchestrates heartwarming visits for residents, both within the facility and beyond. Blending her academic and compassionate worlds, Beth has even brought Blanche to some of her college classes, seamlessly intertwining her two realms of existence. Looking ahead, Beth envisions expanding her role by becoming a Puppy Raiser for Susquehanna Service Dogs, channeling her passion for animals into a tangible and impactful endeavor.

Beth, a student from Penn State Middletown, showing residents her beaded dragon, Juno

Beth's love for animals is not limited to Blanche, though! Her bearded dragon, Juno, resides in her apartment and has become a source of fascination and delight for fellow residents. Beth takes pride in educating them about these unique pets, conducting engaging presentations that allow residents to interact with Juno firsthand, fostering a sense of curiosity and connection.

In addition to her academic and animal-related pursuits, Beth generously dedicates her time to various activities at the Middletown Home. From Bingo and Paint Nights to Movie Nights, Bus Trips, and Bible Study, Beth's vibrant presence enhances the overall experience for residents. Embracing a new chapter, Beth will spend her summer months at the front desk, taking on the role of our newest receptionist. If you find yourself walking into the Middletown Home and spot Beth at the desk, don't hesitate to extend a warm greeting.

Beth Loves it Here!

When asked about her favorite aspect of living at the home, Beth warmly shares, "I love the family atmosphere. Everyone is so kind and nice, and I feel very welcomed." Beth's journey embodies the spirit of community, learning, and compassion, making her an integral part of the Middletown Home family.

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