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Serve with a Giving Heart: Careers at The Middletown Home

Staff of The Middletown Home giving a thumbs up and a peace sign during Pumpkin Fest in Middletown, PA

Discover a rewarding career on the campus of The Middletown Home, a Continuing Care Community for folks of all ages.


Our campus offers intensive post-acute care, longer-term nursing services, and beautifully appointed apartments in our Residential Living Community.

Residents, their families, students, and yes, staff are warmly welcomed to live on campus where we embrace life, nurture relationships, and are committed to creating a vibrant community.


Our caregivers and associates are our greatest resource and are offered many opportunities for personal, professional, and spiritual fulfillment in their service to others.

Why Join Our Team?

If you are passionate about helping others, building meaningful relationships, and have a heart for service, The Middletown Home could be your calling. Here is a glimpse of the many benefits we offer:

One of the nurses with The Middletown Home holding hands with a resident in a wheelchair and dancing during one of their many outdoor concerts

Caring for Family

Experience a warm and welcoming community where residents, students, families, and staff thrive in relationship with one another.

Many of our staff choose to have their own families receive care and services at The Middletown Home. Truly, not only do our staff become like family, they are family!

Growth Opportunities

Our campus is a community where we lead with empathy, model a servant’s heart, and celebrate each other’s journey, every step of the way.

We are a community where you can feel safe and secure while growing in your role. In the spirit of belonging, our campus graciously offers educational opportunities for our staff to further their careers. Staff members are able to transition between departments, gaining new skills and expanding their experience.

Not-for-Profit Environment

As a nonprofit community, we truly focus on PEOPLE, not profits. 

The Middletown Home is a ministry to the larger community, where

our Core Values serve as are our guiding principles.

Longevity and Loyalty

We are incredibly blessed with many of our staff having served not only years but decades. Our focus on people, guided by our core values are foundational to our relationship with one another.

The Middletown Home's resident elf dressed up during Christmas with hundreds of

Apply Today!

At The Middletown Home, every job opportunity is defined by a passion for service, a dedication to caring for others, and the desire to deliver excellence every single day. Join us on this fulfilling journey, where your career becomes a meaningful contribution to the well-being of our vibrant community.


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