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The Vision and Leadership Behind The Middletown Home

Lou Vogel III, the CEO of The Middletown Home, dancing with one of his residents outside in one of their many courtyards

Since 2012, Louis Vogel, III has served as the Chief Executive Officer at the Middletown Home. Though he graduated from Loyola University with degrees in Business Administration and an MBA, Lou's true qualification for his role as CEO goes beyond academic achievements. It is his unwavering dedication to servant leadership, his fervor for assembling a team of skilled and compassionate professionals, and his commitment to making responsible financial decisions that define his exceptional leadership at the helm of our organization.

“I absolutely love what I do. Serving others is my vocation.”

Lou Vogel III with two of his team members from the Middletown Home during a flower sale to support their senior rehabilitation center

A Career of Service

Lou's dedication to senior care dates back to his childhood. Prior to his role at the Middletown Home, he held executive leadership positions at two prominent senior communities, amassing extensive experience. Stepping into the Middletown Home, Lou seized the opportunity to lead an organization in need of financial and clinical stewardship, cultural transformation, and strategic foresight.

Guided by Lou's leadership, the primary focus is to transform the Middletown Home into a hub of wellness, rehabilitation, and lifelong learning for all ages not just seniors. Building a team of servant leaders, Lou has diligently worked to operationalize this strategic vision, shaping a future where the community thrives under a holistic approach to care and enrichment.

“I have always believed that a healthy community is all about the right people, with the right gifts, in the right positions.”

Aerial view of The Middletown Home in Middletown, PA during their annual Pumpkin Fest

A Vision for the Future

Lou and his dedicated team share an inspiring vision for the Middletown Home — a vision that transcends conventional care to create a dynamic community where residents savor a life without limitations. Collaborating with professional employer organization services, they are committed to assembling a team so deeply engaged in service that fulfillment resonates personally, professionally, and spiritually.

This visionary path materializes through the establishment of a cutting-edge rehabilitation gym and a short-term rehab unit, delivering intensive post-acute care services. Expanding their horizons, future plans encompass independent living cottages, additional personal care apartments, a senior institute, and a specialized memory unit for those with cognitive impairments.

Under Lou's visionary leadership, backed by devoted staff and skilled caregivers, the Middletown Home is not just envisioning but actualizing this transformative journey. Positioned to become Central Pennsylvania's premier retirement (and all ages!) community, it is evolving into a distinguished campus of wellness, rehabilitation, and lifelong learning, setting a new standard in senior living.

A Welcoming Community

Experience the essence of servant leadership firsthand at The Middletown Home. We invite you to visit us and witness the transformative care and commitment that define our community. Come see how our vision for a vibrant, limitless life is brought to life by our dedicated team. Schedule a visit today and become a part of the enriching journey we're creating together.


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