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Total Eclipse of The Middletown Home

Male resident looking at the Solar Eclipse wearing glasses

It was a once in a lifetime experience to see the Total Solar Eclipse of 2024, and our residents were so thrilled to be a part of it! On April 8th we celebrated with an afternoon of Eclipse themed activities. One of our staff members who is an avid fan of eclipses gave an educational presentation with fun facts to emphasize the specialness of this eclipse. Then our residents enjoyed treats like Moon Pies and Orange Milkshakes to celebrate.

Middletown Home front terrace with residents watching the Solar Eclipse

We all gathered on the front terrace leading up to 3:21pm, when the eclipse would be at its peak. All the residents and staff were given the eclipse glasses and looked up at the sky. Everyone was amazed as we watched the moon slowly cross over the sun. The temperature dropped and the skies darkened a little bit. Every so often the clouds would cover the sky and the residents would get anxious to see the eclipse come back again. After everyone went inside, they all recounted the event the entire evening – in awe that we got to experience something so incredible and share it with people all across the country!

Everyone couldn't help but smile as they looked in amazement at the Great Solar Eclipse.

Female residents smiling and looking up at the Solar Eclipse wearing glasses


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