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Volunteers and staff posing with the infamous blue truck filled with pumpkins during Pumpkin Fest at the Middletown Home

Pumpkin Fest

The Middletown Home

Volunteer driving the kid's barrel train during The Pumpkin Fest

Harvesting smiles and 
uniting community.

Pumpkin Fest at The Middletown Home is a cherished annual celebration that transforms our community into a festive wonderland. This lively event brings together residents, families, and the broader community for a weekend filled with joyous activities. From pumpkin painting and scarecrow making to live entertainment and fabulous food, Pumpkin Fest captures the spirit of fall in every detail. The laughter resonates, and the sense of community blossoms as neighbors, young and old, come together to share in the warmth of the season.

In addition to Pumpkin Fest being an incredible celebration, it's also our biggest fundraiser, where the  community comes together to support the well-being and vitality of our cherished residents.

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